Bal Ashram - A Glimpse into a New World

Bal Ashram, was co-founded by Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and Mrs. Sumedha Kailash in 1998 as a model rehabilitation centre, for children rescued from child labour, child slavery and child trafficking.

  • 1359 alumni successfully reintegrated into society
  • 90,000 children impacted through Child Friendly Villages (BMGs)
  • 11 Banjara Centres impacting 3530 lives
  • 1750 girls received skill training
  • 1165 volunteers from 30+ countries

Our Heroes

Bal Ashram which is home to rescued former child labourers, turns them into young leaders and advocaters to spread awareness about child servitude in India...

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Our Leaders

The “Bal Mitra Gram” (Child Friendly Village), is an innovative concept where children of the village take charge of their own rights and are leaders in the making...

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Our Mentor

The power of the freedom movement has had an immense bearing on the life of Shrimati Sumedha Kailash. Her grandfather Shri Gaya Prasad Shukla was an active associate in the Kakori...

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